Client Integrity Agreement

By making an appointment with Snuggle Salon you are declaring that you have read the Client Integrity Agreement below and that you will strictly abide by this agreement during your appointment.

  1. The snuggle session will be kept strictly non-sexual. Your Snuggle Partner will clarify these boundaries ahead of time. If these boundaries are not honored, your Snuggle Partner will give two warnings. On the third warning, the session will end, without a refund. See item #4 below for specifics.
  2. No nudity will occur during the session. Clothing changes will be done behind a door or screen, out of the sight of the other person. If this boundary is not honored, the session will end, immediately, without a refund.
  3. There will be no touching underneath clothing by either party.
  4. There will be no touching the following areas by either party: genitals or buttocks of either party or a female’s breasts ( this is true whether she is the Snuggle Partner or a female client). While incidental or accidental touching may occur – these areas should never be touched intentionally.
  5. All appointments MUST BE booked through the Snuggle Salon website. You agree to book appointments ONLY via the website. Payment is due in advance by making the appointment online. You can call us and ask questions before booking online. You can also ask for an initial phone call with a Snuggle Partner prior to booking an appointment.
  6. Any communication between you and a Snuggle Partner, via email, or text or by phone, is for the sole purpose of scheduling future appointments or rescheduling an appointment ONLY. You also agree to NEVER call, email or text a Snuggle Partner to in order to book an appointment or for any other reason than to discuss an upcoming appointment. If you are a current client you agree to arrive at a Snuggle Partner’s home office ONLY at the scheduled appointment date and time and NEVER at any other time.
  7. For the safety and protection of our Snuggle Partners, we require all clients to accurately identify themselves when booking an appointment. We also require presenting a photo ID prior to the first session. Please use your actual first and last name as it appears on your photo ID. Again, please see our Privacy Policy, to review the extensive lengths we go to protect your privacy. Our Privacy Policy is here: The Snuggle Partner may carry a non-lethal personal defense method in order to protect their safety.
  8. Snuggle Salon expects a text from each Snuggle Partner within 20 minutes of the end of each appointment. If this text is not received by Snuggle Salon, the police will be notified. Snuggle Salon tracks the address and location of every scheduled appointment.
  9. You agree not to violate any municipal, city, county, state or federal laws during the session. The Snuggle Partner agrees to the same.
  10. “At your location” travel costs: The cost for an out-call session is $110/hour to compensate for drive time. If an “At your location” appointment, is more than 10-15 minutes away from the Snuggle Partner’s location, there will be additional associated travel costs charged at 75¢ per mile. These costs can be paid ahead of time via Pay Pal, on the Travel Expenses page prior to the start of the session. Thank you for your understanding and willingness to keep our Snuggle Partner’s happy, while making your snuggle session easier and more convenient for you!

    Additionally, we require the session length for “at your location” sessions to be twice the length of the travel time required for your Snuggle Partner to travel to you. So, if it takes an hour of travel time, for your Snuggle Partner, then the session length should be at least 2 hours or longer.

  11. You may reschedule an appointment — via the link in your reminder email; however, we do not accept cancellations. If you need to cancel your appointment, we will send you an email, which will provide a link to use, for rescheduling your appointment. You do not have to reschedule with the same Snuggle Partner. We only take cancellations combined with an appointment reschedule — so please only request an appointment if you are CERTAIN THAT YOU ACTUALLY want a snuggle session. EXCEPTION: A one-time refund may be made after your first session if you didn’t enjoy your Snuggle Partner or the snuggle session experience.
  12. Personal hygiene is mandatory. This means you will arrive showered, with brushed teeth, wearing clean clothes and no perfume or cologne or after-shave may be worn to the session. Our Snuggle Partners are professionals and will also adhere to these standards. If these standards are not honored, at the discretion of the Snuggle Partner, the session may be rescheduled without a refund.
  13. The client hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Snuggle Salon, any Snuggle Partner and owners or Snuggle Salon management team, from any and all legal claims for damages which may arise out of or in the course of the services provided by Snuggle Salon. The client hereby releases Snuggle Salon from any liability related to the services provided by Snuggle Salon.
  14. Your contact information and any other details about you will be kept strictly confidential by Snuggle Salon and all Snuggle Partners. This information will never be shared with any 3rd party without your express written consent. Please see our Privacy Policy here:
  15. Please note while Snuggle Salon goes to extensive lengths to protect our client’s privacy – we require all our client’s to accurately identify themselves with a photo ID ( either a Driver’s License or Passport ). As Snuggle Partners, we not only open our arms to the general public – many of us open our homes. Employing minimum security protocols will allow us to safely provide these services. Thank you for your understanding the need for these security protocols.

Rev. 7/13/2017