Male Snuggle Partners

Currently we have Snuggle Partners located in the Greater San Fancisco Bay Area including Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, San Jose, and Chico.
And, more Snuggle Partners are coming sooooooooon….

IMPORTANT: Same-day appointments are difficult to accommodate and arrange. All of our Snuggle Partners work here part-time. This means they are busy with other jobs and careers. Please give us at least 24 hours advance notice when booking a snuggle session. Generally, this will ensure our availability. Thank you for your understanding.

South Bay Area

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I love exercise, adventure, hugs, and physical touch. I’m a software engineer at Google, studying neural networks and hoping to crack the secret of consciousness. I’m 6’2″. I love being kind and generous, and I’m frequently told that I’m patient and a good listener. I wear my anxieties on my sleeve, and I try to be an open book. I tend to take people on their own terms.

Regarding my glasses in the photo: I was backpacking the Grand Canyon. On Day 2, my lens fell out. Backpacking Pro Tip: Electrical tape!

Location: Sunnyvale, CA ( but will travel around the Bay )

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Do you want to cuddle?

I love forming connections with people through conversation, shoulder rubs, massage, and physical touch. I’m here to be a warm, gentle, and a good listener for you. If you speak Spanish, I can speak Spanish fluently. For those who speak Portuguese, I’m learning Portuguese. Let’s cuddle!”



Location: San Jose, CA

East Bay Area

Alexander Photos
I am a friendly, open, trustworthy guy who loves to cuddle. I love kids and dogs ( I am a dog trainer by profession ). I have trained in sports massage. I work out 4 – 5 days a week and I’ve been told I have nice shoulders. Again, I love to cuddle — just let me know when you’d like to get together.




Location: Pleasant Hill, CA ( but will travel around the Bay )


I’m an open and friendly guy with skill and love for cuddling. I’ve attended various connection workshops, including Search Inside Yourself, Rainbow’s Cuddle’n’Blues, and Issaz’ class on Hugging.

Many say I’m very calming, imparting feelings of warmth and safety. There is nothing better than connecting with kind touch. Unashamed, platonic human contact is healing. And sometimes you just want someone to be there: A hand to hold and a heart to understand.

Confidential and discrete, I am available for snuggling both men and women.

I’m looking forward to sharing this gift with you.

Location: West Oakland, CA


I am a very cuddly Swiss guy as my accent will give me away. I speak fluent German, French and English. I love cuddling and have a skill for it. I have also done lots of HAI ( Human Awareness Institute ) workshops. I am available for snuggling both men and women. And, ladies, I love women of all shapes and sizes! I’m also able to supply complete confidentiality and discretion.



Location: Berkeley, CA ( but will travel around the Bay )



Hi there! I am a 10-year Air Force veteran, currently working in local government. Have always been told I am a great listener, and a great cuddler. A bit geeky, a bit funny. Love to cook/bake, play tabletop games, and criticize bad B-movies. I am equally comfortable cuddling with guys and gals.




Location: Redding, CA