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Hi there! My name is Aerin. I like rock climbing, making collage artwork, and studying somatics. I believe that the body is immensely wise and powerful. I also believe that most healing happens in relationship with others. Thanks for honoring your body and spirit by gifting yourself this experience. It is always an honor to hold a safe space for someone to soften. I look forward to connecting with you.

A note about identity: I am a nonbinary trans guy who uses “they” or “he” pronouns. If you don’t know what this means, please do some prior research. I prefer to work with trans and queer folks, allies, and folks who may not feel safe cuddling with cisgender men. But all are welcome! We all deserve to feel safe, joyful, connected, and embodied.

Lastly: I have a dog! He’s very sweet, and VERY cute. I can put him in another room, or invite him to join us – your choice!

Location: Oakland