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Hello there! Since you’re here, I’m assuming you’re looking to find the right fit for a snuggle partner. Let’s first take a second to celebrate you finding ways to get your needs met! Feeling connected is one of the most important aspects for a fulfilled life, yet in our increasingly isolated society, that feeling of connection has become harder and harder to find. I’m proud of you for finding ways to feel that sense of connection and closeness. Let’s find out if that’s something that I can help contribute to.

My name is Ali. Empathy has always been really important to me. Growing up, I was the friend who would be the resident therapist. I spent most of my childhood trying to figure out where I belong, and now in my adulthood I want to create the sense of community where anyone can feel not just accepted, but embraced. My intention is to create a restorative healing space for my clients through emotional intimacy and warm, platonic physical touch.

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I studied Nonviolent Communication (by Marshall Rosenberg), which radically changed my ability to communicate and listen more effectively. (If you’re unfamiliar with nonviolent communication, I’d be happy to delve more into it, but essentially it’s a communication technique that gets at the heart of things by naming the feelings and needs at the core of each experience). I utilize Sarah Peyton’s The Resonant Witness as a guide for how to hold tenderness and care. I’m consistently learning about how to be a better human to myself and to others, and I’m lucky enough to be endlessly fascinated by people.

My favorite thing to do is to uplift and nourish others. Or to create spaces in which people can nourish themselves. Or to create communities that nourish one another! My second favorite thing to do is snuggle with whichever of my four cats that will let me. (On that note, please do give me a heads up if you are allergic so I can take extra precautions.) I also love to joke, and laugh, and laugh at my own jokes. I enjoy dancing; starting crafting projects and never finishing them; singing loudly to songs I don’t yet know; and exploring all the good food we have in the Bay.

Thanks for taking the time to read my (not-so) little bio. I wish you the best of luck in finding the right fit for a snuggle partner. If you have an inkling that it could be me, then I very much look forward to connecting with you more.

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Note: I am fully vaccinated.

Location: Campbell, CA