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Donna Zen Momma, NTP ( Nurture Therapy Practitioner )

Note: I am on hiatus until July 1st. If you want to book an appointment with me, please text the office at 408.372.8830.

There have been so many paths that have led me to this moment. Because I was born in Hawaii, I grew up with the Spirit of Aloha and everyone I meet is family since we are all connected together. I also didn’t know that rainbows were actually rare until I moved to California to study film and television. Soon afterward, I was blessed with the gift of motherhood where I experienced true love. Somewhere along the way, I developed another love for a bizarre winter sport called curling, and my need for fun, affordable uniforms led me to start a custom t-shirt business which I did for over 10 years.

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During covid, my life broke into a few pieces. Luckily, I found myself in solitude, contemplation, and healing. This is where I learned how to be a more compassionate, understanding, and loving person. I also could see that the world had so many broken hearts and aching souls. I held a woman’s hand as she cried during a church service. And sat with a man who was going through a painful divorce. If I could have arms big enough, I’d snuggle the whole world. I enjoy learning, growing, writing, singing, dancing, thinking, playing…basically everything that creates joy. I have a very nurturing, motherly spirit, a gift I believe was meant to be shared. It would be my pleasure to channel the energies of heaven and earth directly to you. NOTE: I am sensitive to scents and chemicals. I politely request no scent from smoking, cologne, perfume, aftershave, candles, or anything of that nature, etc. for an optimum experience.

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Location: Los Angeles, CA ( house-calls only in the Burbank / LA area )