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Julie, NTP ( Nurture Therapy Practitioner )

We all have an inherent need for touch and connection as part of our shared human experience. My desire is to provide supportive companionship by listening to my client needs to feel relaxed and nurtured. I want to make you feel safe, so you are able to open your heart and mind, and really check in with what you need. Our session is a place for you to feel comfortable being your authentic self. With repeat sessions we will learn each other’s rhythms, and what kind of cuddling and touch is preferable. I’m a great listener and enjoy both light and deep conversations. I hope to meet people that crave connection, want to be held, to feel safe and loved, and to feel valued.

My sessions are purely platonic and therapeutic. I enjoy cuddling both men and women. Our goal should be to leave the session feeling refreshed, positive and relaxed.

Note: I am vaccinated.

Location: Campbell, CA