Book An Appointment For Today with a Female Snuggle Partner

This is a labor of love for us — not a full-time job. SAME DAY appointments can be challenging because we all work part-time. However, we do try to accommodate these requests. Below, you can request an appointment with a Female Snuggle Partner with a start time within the next 24 hours — depending on our availability. While we try to accommodate your chosen time within 24 hours, we can only guarantee that these appointments will happen sometime within 24 hours of receiving the booking ( based on our availability ). Please book by 4:00PM.

To make these appointments financially worthwhile for us we charge more. The higher rate is because these appointments must be manually scheduled and we have to clear our schedule and hurry to make it to the appointment. Same-Day Appointments are a standard session length of 1.5 hours.

Please note: Depending on which Snuggle Partner is available, these appointments MAY involve additional fees for mileage and possibly rental of a snuggle space. If mileage or space rental is necessary, this will be communicated via prior to booking. After booking, if we cannot confirm with an available Snuggle Partner — a refund or credit will be offered. However, after the session is booked and confirmed with an available Snuggle Partner, a $50 service fee will be charged in the case of a pre-appointment cancellation request. Finally, after a Same-Day Session is completed, we DO NOT offer refunds on these type appointments.