Become a Snuggle Partner!

Do you LOVE to snuggle?  Are you a natural nurturer? Is providing comfort and support part of your “life’s calling”? Would you like to be a nurture therapy professional? If you answered yes — then we would love to hear from you!

If you LOVE to snuggle, but also are great at gently asserting your boundaries, and you can speak your truth easily and respectfully — WE WANT TO MEET YOU! Fill out our Snuggle Partner Application here. We are interested in both female and male Snuggle Partners. Snuggle Salon has been operating since 2016 and has a large client base. After setting up a profile here, clients will book appointments with you. You will be paid directly by clients either via your preferred payment processor ( for example:, Venmo or Zelle ) or you can also choose to have clients pay you in cash at the appointment.

testimonials_iconTestimonials from our former Snuggle Partners

    • Private Snuggle Partner
    • We also have a way to make your profile more private. We call this being a Private Snuggle Partner. If you prefer that your photo and bio not be used directly on the website, please indicate that you want to be a Private Snuggle Partner in your application. In this case, clients who ask to see our Private Snuggle Partners are sent a password for the Private Snuggle Partners page. The requirement to use a password to view your profile will limit the number of people who will have access to this area of the website. However, people who ask for the password will be highly interested in the service.


  • Make your own hours
  • Compensation
    • $50/hour for advance booked appointments
    • $66/hour for “at client location” appointments + $0.75/mile
    • $100/hour for Same-Day Appointments ( less than 24 hours notice ) for first 1.5 hours of appointment
    • Tips from clients
  • Clients pay you directly via your preferred payment processor ( for example:, CashApp, Venmo or Zelle )
  • Office space in Campbell, Oakland and San Francisco available
  • A Snuggle Salon branded email account ( eg., )
  • Be part of a fun supportive community of Snuggle Partners who support each other
  • Opportunity to be mentored by nurture therapy experts


  • Must have taken the Nurture Therapeutics Practitioner ( NTP ) training program from Nurture Therapeutics and participate in their Mentor Support Program
  • The NTP Training is an apprenticeship program that begins with a 1.5 hour class ( $120 ) and ongoing mentor support calls ( $25/each ) for your first 10 appointments. Nurture therapy is a new healing modality that requires training. It is not as simple as meeting with a stranger and cuddling them. Without training and support, providing this type service simply doesn’t work in a culture that sexualizes everything. We have found that the NTP Training and Mentor Support Program ensures that Snuggle Partners will be successful in developing a long-term professional nurture therapy practice.

  • Must be able to use Google Calendar or Apple iCal to keep appointments
  • Must be able to keep your calendar updated and accurate so that reschedules are almost always unnecessary
    • Your personal calendar will block off time when you are not available on your profile page
  • Must be able to assert and maintain clear boundaries at all times
    • this means you are willing to risk disappointing clients by staying honest and authentic with your boundaries
  • Must be able to keep the relationship with your client strictly professional
    • Must be able to keep your appointments non-sexual and non-romantic
    • Must be able articulate & clarify the difference between a therapeutic relationship vs. a personal relationship with clients
    • Must be 21+ years old
    • Must be open to clients of any gender, race, age, sexual orientation, weight, height, etc.
    • Preference is given to applicants who have taken classes on boundaries and relationship communication
    • Must have a smart phone that can run an cell phone app called Whats App

    If all this sounds appealing, then fill out our Snuggle Partner Application here and schedule an interview here. Please don’t call us with questions — they will be answered in the interview. Just fill out the application first — hang on to that excited energy — and if we are a fit — we will get back to you shortly. Thank you! heart-icon