Boundaries Sensitivity Training (BST) Program

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The Boundaries Sensitivity Training Program offers our clients the opportunity to learn how to remain aware, conscious and sensitive to the boundaries, preferences and feelings of others – especially those of the people, with whom, you are sharing physical intimacy. These are important skills in any relationship, but they are of profound consequence in intimate relationships.

If you have ever felt surprised by your partner’s reactions or behavior, or surprised by what they said about their experience with you during intimacy — this class may be advantageous for you. In three (3) separate hour long sessions, this class will cover the following:

  • relationship coaching on how to listen carefully to your partner’s boundaries
  • how to ask for clarity about your partner’s desires and limits
  • how to ask with confidence and clarity for specifically the kinds of desired physical intimacy
  • how to speak about your desires clearly and with precision
  • how to get clarity around your own boundaries
  • how to hear no gracefully, without taking it personally

This program also helps clients understand how to successfully book appointments, reschedule ( if possible and needed ) and negotiate for a win-win in a snuggle session with a Snuggle Partner.

Upon completion of the program, there will be a graduation ceremony delivered by your facilitators. This will include a Certificate of Completion diploma, a hardcover copy of The Cuddle Sutra and other acknowledgements and appreciations.

If you have questions about The Boundaries Sensitivity Training Program please give us a call at (408) 372-8830. Each of the three sessions will cost $160. Below, you can book your first hour long training session. The date and time of the subsequent two (2) training sessions will be calendared at the conclusion of your first training session. To graduate from this program, completion of three (3) separate hour long sessions are required.