Male Snuggle Partners

Currently we have Snuggle Partners located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Eureka, Redding and San Diego.

All of our Snuggle Partners work here part-time. This means they are busy with other jobs and careers. Please try to give us at least 24 hours advance notice when booking a snuggle session. Generally, this will ensure availability. If you really need a same-day appointment click here.

South Bay Area


I am a young engineer and gay man living in Silicon Valley. Living here over the past three years has given me an understanding of the pressure and stress of working in this area; I’ve also come to appreciate the calm and comfort that an affectionate cuddle can bring. I enjoy sharing physical closeness and affection with others and believe it is a real human need that we all share. I have a more introverted personality which allows me to listen well and empathize with others. I am happy to cuddle with all shapes, sizes, genders and colors.

Location: Santa Clara, CA

East Bay Area


Hi there! My name is Aerin. I find platonic touch to be an incredibly powerful source of healing, comfort, and connection that is often lacking in our society. As a transmasculine and genderqueer person, I think it is important to create safe spaces for marginalized identities to feel cared for, validated, and represented in. A little about me.. I am an artist, educator, dog parent, and nature lover. I strive to prioritize self-care through healthy eating, outdoor exercise, art, and strong relationships. I am attuned to others’ needs, I use affirmative language, and I communicate and connect well with others. I’m excited to share some cozy energy with you!

Location: Oakland, CA


Schedule with Matthew


I am a very cuddly Swiss guy as my accent will give me away. I speak fluent German, French and English. I love cuddling and have a skill for it. I have also done lots of HAI ( Human Awareness Institute ) workshops. I am available for snuggling both men and women. And, ladies, I love women of all shapes and sizes! I’m also able to supply complete confidentiality and discretion.



Location: Berkeley, CA ( but will travel around the Bay )



Hi there! I am a 10-year Air Force veteran, currently working in local government. Have always been told I am a great listener, and a great cuddler. A bit geeky, a bit funny. Love to cook/bake, play tabletop games, and criticize bad B-movies. I am equally comfortable cuddling with guys and gals.




Location: Eureka, CA