Snuggling and cuddling is sweet, simple relaxation

Sometimes, we forget how slowing down, taking a break and just deeply relaxing and connecting with another kind, loving human being can just feel so good. After letting go of all the “stuff” — the worries, the stresses, the fears, all of it…..and just surrendering to the present moment….when all there is — is you and your partner and the embrace. What you experience next is the “snuggle effect”. It starts with a smile. Maybe a hand on your partner’s heart. Some deep breaths, while you gently gaze into your partner’s eyes. Ahhhh…. all is right in your world again.

The world can be a lonely place

This world can be a lonely place. We have all felt it. If we are traveling and far away from home. Or, if someone we love leaves us. Or, if tragedy strikes and a loved one dies. Or, when, a friendship, sadly, fails. Or, our kids go off to college. Humans feel lonely for many reasons — and often we don’t know how to meet that need for connection. To just be welcomed, to be received, to be embraced by another human being who really values human connection, too. In our current culture, feeling lonely is sometimes looked down upon — as if feeling lonely is a failure. But, loneliness is not a human failure — it a normal human feeling, which is a birth right of all human beings — to yearn for closeness, connection, understanding and compassion from another being who understands what it is like to feel lonely, too. This is a part of the reason for our work here at Snuggle Salon.

And, if the emotional pain of loneliness isn’t bad enough, apparently, loneliness can negatively affect our health. Salon Article: Loneliness Is Deadly