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I am a profound empath with a high vibration energy field that radiates love. I melt into your aura as you melt into my arms. My hugs wrap your heart in pure warmth and light. I listen with my heart just as much as I listen with my ears. I strive to hold space for your unique needs in a nurturing environment that supports connection and healing using aromatherapy, soft blankets, hot tea, relaxing music, gentle platonic touch, and my own comforting energy.

When I’m not snuggling, I enjoy yoga, cooking, creative writing, and catching a few waves at the beach. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication. Prior to professional snuggling, I worked in women’s health and wellness. I especially enjoy working with clients who are queer, transgender, non-binary, aging, elderly, grieving loss, or coping with trauma or chronic illness.

Location: Campbell, CA