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Haven Embrace

Please note: I offer “at your location” ( out-call ) appointments around the Bay Area. Please call the office at (408) 372-8830 to inquire about mileage costs to your location.

Dear Beautiful Souls,

I cannot think of anything more powerful, more euphoric, more healing than an embrace. There’s something so freeing about being held by someone in their arms, and holding someone in your arms. With every embrace the world melts away and all that’s left are two souls experiencing life in that moment, where nothing else matters. The experience leaves you with a sense of comfort and wholeness. It’s such a loving and inviting space. The warmth created by bodies united extends warmth to our hearts, producing a feeling more exhilarating than any drug. It’s much more, so much more. I welcome you all, with wide-open arms and a smile, to practice the art of cuddling with me. Let us journey the path of self-discovery and freedom, together.

Location: Vallejo, CA