Set an Appointment with Linda in Oakland

Linda, NTP ( Nurture Therapy Practitioner )


My name is Linda and I have been a professional cuddler since 2018. I am a bodyworker who is very energetically sensitive and attuned. I am a certified yoga instructor who is a junkie about transformation and trauma healing. I believe it’s our birthright to thrive and enjoy our lives fully.

I offer a safe, gentle, non-judgmental space for people to relax. Touch and oxytocin are extremely important for human beings to thrive. I believe the body has a very intrinsic and intelligent healing process that naturally happens once it’s given safety and space. I enjoy cuddling with both men and women. I am interested in talking about most things but particularly like deep conversations and exploring beautiful waves of our human existence.

I prefer to work with clients longer term so we can establish safety, trust and connection.

I am highly sensitive to chemicals and will not see clients who use cologne or perfume. Natural deodorants are welcome.

Notes: I also offer out-call snuggle appointments in the Oakland/Berkeley area. Regarding “Go For A Walk” appointments, please book the appointment at least one (1) hour before sundown.

Note: I am fully vaccinated.

Location: Oakland, CA