Coronavirus: Office Maintenance Instructions

Snuggle Salon is Taking Coronavirus Seriously ( what our clients will see )

The above link outlines the Health Safety and Office Sanitization protocols that we are assuring our clients that we will be implementing during this outbreak. Hopefully, this outbreak will run it’s course in a matter of months. Until it ends though, we must be vigilant to protect our own health and the health of our clients.

Health Safety and Office Sanitization Protocols

Therefore, the following procedures will be expected in any office space that is utilized for your appointments.

  • Healthy Appointments

    • Hand Cleaning
      We are using surgical-grade hand-sanitizer
    • Body Temperature Monitoring
    • Snuggle Partners will be taking their body temperature and, upon request, provide recent health information to clients with an upcoming appointment.

        – Your client may request that you provide your body temperature for the previous 3 days before an appointment.
        – Your client may inquire about your recent general health and risk exposure.

    • N95 Masks for You
      Your client may ask you to wear an N95 Mask. We have N95 Masks on hand in our Campbell office space. You will find yours stored in a plastic bag with your name on it in the brown paper bag near the garbage can.
    • N95 Masks for Your Client
      Your client may ask for an N95 Mask. We have some extra masks and will be offering our clients a mask as long as supplies last. After the session ends, please spray masks that a client has worn with the 99% alcohol spray ( front and back ) and put it back in the brown paper sack.
    • N95 Mask Reuse Since we have a limited number of N95 Masks on-hand, Snuggle Partners will need to reuse their masks. I will bring some plastic bags down to the office. Please store your mask in the plastic bag with your name on it. Seal the bag and leave it in the brown paper bag or take it home with you.

  • Disinfection of our office spaces

    • Hand CleaningImmediately upon entering the office, please clean your hands with the hand-sanitizer before each session begins. Ask your client to clean their hands with the hand-sanitizer, too.

    • Sheet for Snuggle Space Please bring a clean sheet to each session and cover the snuggle space with it. Please take it home with you after the session ends.

    • Disinfect Door Knob Next, using a disposable wipe, please spray a disposable wipe with 99% isopropyl alcohol, clean the door knobs ( inside and outside ) so that when your client leaves they will not touch an infected surface on the way out.

    • Disinfect Client Mask After the session ends, please disinfect the client mask by spraying it lightly with the alcohol spray inside and out and put it back in the brown paper sack. Please put your mask back in the plastic bag with your name on it or take your mask home with you.

    • Disinfect Office After your client leaves please disinfect your hands once more and put on the nitrile gloves.

    • Then, using a disposable wipe, please spray a disposable wipe with 99% isopropyl alcohol to disinfect doorknobs (inside and outside), handles, air conditioner remotes, light switches, heater knobs, tablet computer screen, keyboard and mouse. Please disinfect anything that was touched during an appointment by you or you client. Please spray the alcohol on a wipe and wipe down all the areas mentioned above.

    • You can then keep the gloves on to collect the sheet you brought to take home with you.
  • What The Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams said today, March 9, 2020

    • “We now know more about who is at risk. The average age of death for people from coronavirus is 80. The average age of people who need medical attention is age 60.” Conservatively, this means that people under the age of approximately 50 are NOT AT SIGNIFICANT RISK. So, please try not to panic.
  • Other resources for health safety from the CDC and the EPA

  • Current Coronavirus Infection Data