Ending an Appointment for a breach of the Client Integrity Agreement

  • Ending an Appointment for breaching the Client Integrity Agreement

    Finally, as we coach you in the NTP Training, we want you to end a session with a client if you feel uncomfortable for any reason. We trust that you are doing this work because you are naturally aligned with our mission and it makes you feel good about yourself to give in this sweet, nurturing way. If you end a session with a client, you can be assured we will support your decision.

  • Boundaries Sensitivity Training Program

    If a client breaches the Client Integrity Agreement we refer them to our Boundaries Sensitivity Training Program. Rather than simply banning a client ( which will also happen ), we can also offer them an opportunity to learn and grow.
    Here is the link to learn about it: https://snugglesalon.com/boundaries-sensitivity-training-program/

  • How to refer a client to the Boundaries Sensitivity Training Program

    The protocol would be:
    1. A client crosses your personal boundaries and/or Snuggle Salon business boundaries
    2. You give them 2 warnings ( or it could be 3 — use your own judgment ) letting them know that you will end the session if they do XXX again. Be specific as to what boundary they have crossed.
    3. End the session by disengaging from the snuggle, stand up and say in a gentle, friendly but firm way “This appointment is now over. I am going to have Yvonne contact you about our Boundaries Sensitivity Training Program. I think this training could be beneficial for you. It has assisted our clients in improving and enhancing their relationship and intimacy skills.”
    4. Hand them a Boundaries Sensitivity Training Program business card from the desk drawer.
    There is a document and /or business cards describing the Boundaries Sensitivity Training Program in the desk drawer at the Campbell office. The document / business
    card will have the link to the web page where they can register for the class.

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