• What are the rules during the session?
  • 1. No nudity at all will happen during a session. If a clothes change needs to be made — by either you or your Snuggle Partner — it will happen behind a closed door – out of each other’s sight.
    2. At minimum shorts and a t-shirt are mandatory clothing for both Snuggle Partners and our clients.
    3. No touching underneath clothing.
    4. No touching the following areas: the genitals, female breasts or the buttocks. Naturally, accidental touching might occur – but these areas should never be touched with an intent to arouse.

    A snuggle session is a clothes-on, non-sexual, non-romantic opportunity to snuggle and have fun with your choice of Snuggle Partner. However, if you break the rules, your Snuggle Partner will give you two warnings. On the 3rd warning, the session will end without a refund.

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