• What if I want to book a Snuggle Salon client directly ( outside of Snuggle Salon )?
  • If you work as a nurture therapist outside of your work as a Snuggle Partner ( for example through Cuddle Comfort or Cuddlist, etc. ) and schedule an appointment with a Snuggle Salon client who first booked you through the Snuggle Salon website, thereby bypassing booking with the client via the Snuggle Salon website, this would be a breach of your Snuggle Partner Integrity Agreement and grounds for immediate dismissal as a Snuggle Partner.

    Also, please see Section 9. MAINTENANCE OF PROFESSIONAL THERAPEUTIC BOUNDARIES of the Snuggle Partner Integrity Agreement. This section outlines the professional boundaries we observe as nurture therapists: “In service of our role as professional nurture therapists, we have a duty to maintain the strict boundaries observed by other types of therapists including psychiatrists and psychotherapists. This professional distance includes not engaging in other types of relationships with our clients. Other types of relationships would include: friendships, romantic attachments or any other type of business relationship. We would not want to “blur the lines” between nurture therapist and any other type of relationship with our clients. Therefore you agree that you will not engage in any other type of relationship with a client other than your role as their nurture therapist.”

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