How it works for Snuggle Partners

First step: After a client books an appointment, you will immediately receive a text AND an email with the subject line ( for example ) “New Appointment: 1 hour ( Client Name ) on Saturday, January 30, 2016 2:00pm PST with ( Your Name )”. Your client will also receive a copy of this email.

Step two: After you receive this notification, if the appointment is an OUT-CALL ( at client location ) you should ASAP, reach out the client via email or text to confirm the location address for the appointment. If, in the client notes at the bottom of the email, the client requested that you give him or her a phone call — please call them ASAP using your Google Voice phone number. Giving the client a phone call will help them feel comfortable that you are a REAL person and that Snuggle Salon isn’t some internet scam. You may want to give them a call even if they haven’t requested it — just to get the ball rolling and get know your future client.

Please remember….the first appointment is 100% refundable for any reason. So, if this is a new client we want to pay extra special attention to them.

Step three:

Finally: Expect several appointment reminders from us —

  • An initial confirmation email ( right away )
  • Email reminder – 48 hours before your appointment
  • Email reminder – 24 hours before your appointment
  • Text message and email reminder – 3 hours before your appointment

Step four:
To complete the appointment cycle please fill out the Client Thank You Email Form. In order to fill out the form, you will need: 1) Client Name, 2) Client email address, 3) Date of service and 4) a description of something sweet, memorable or funny that happened during the session.
Here is the link to the form:
Here is an example of the form output:
The email will be sent to your client and to me automatically. This will be your notification that the appointment is complete and Snuggle Salon’s notification that it is time to pay you.