Report: Research on which online photos work best

We are always looking for ways to help you build your Snuggle Practice. Our “support team” has been doing some research into online photos. We wanted to know which type photos, angles, and other techniques attract the most attention and interest? The research was done on dating and social media sites. Here is the link to the research.  This research data is NOT meant as any kind of mandate. It is intended to be helpful, but, as always, you decide ( how you use it or not ).

Executive Summary

Our female Snuggle Partners can take advantage of these photo techniques to improve bookings.

Best shot for women

  • Looking directly at the camera, flirty, smiling, taken from slightly above (about 76% extra responses AKA The MyPage shot)
  • Showing some cleavage ( about 79% extra responses at age 32, more improvement as you get older) THIS IS TOTALLY UP TO YOU — I am NOT suggesting that you show cleavage, I am only reporting to you what the research says
  • find subtle ways to “suggest” who you are, like “what inspires you”, “what you are into”, create curiosity
  • being outside (about 10% extra responses)

Things to avoid for women

  • Photos with pets (about 30% reduced responses)
  • Drinking alcohol (about 22% reduced responses)
  • Doing something interesting (about 13% reduced responses – different from subtly suggesting things your are into)
  • Flirty expression, but not looking directly at the camera, (about 15% reduced responses, are you flirting with someone else?) So, taking a shot with the camera above your head, looking directly into the camera, being flirty, smiling, showing a little cleavage, with ways to hint at interests.

The potential gains for men are even bigger!

Male Snuggle Partners have big gains to be had, according to this study, could be 200% additional interest, see below

Best shot for men

  • Not smiling and looking to the side compared to smiling looking into the camera (about a 150% extra responses)
  • Not smiling only (about 50% extra responses)
  • Not looking directly into the camera only (about 70% extra responses)
  • With an animal (about 50% extra responses)
  • Showing off muscles (about 50% extra responses … if you have the body and better if you are / look younger)
    • Again, THIS IS TOTALLY UP TO YOU — I am NOT suggesting that you show muscles, only reporting the research
  • Doing something interesting in the photo (about 40% extra responses)
  • Cleverly suggesting your interests could also help (words on a t-shirt, objects, etc.)
  • Wearing cloths that show more shoulders could help, in the dating world, shirtless gave about 50% extra responses, “if you have the body”

That’s a lot of positives men … try taking some photo’s using these guidelines and send them to me

Things to avoid for men

  • Directly looking at the camera is a big no no (about 70% reduced responses)
  • Smiling when looking to the side (still positive, but negative over not smiling while looking to the side)
  • Outdoors (about 10% reduced responses)
  • Drinking alcohol (about 30% reduced responses)
  • Travel photo (about 32% reduced responses)
  • Dressing up was slightly negative, a comfortable look probably better for snuggling

So for men, not smiling, looking to the side of the camera, with a cuddly pet, showing some muscle or pecks, while doing something interesting, and hints at other interests.

Currently ( as of 3/3/2017 ) all male Snuggle Partners are smiling and looking at the camera, about the worst shot type.

Some of the female Snuggle Partner’s photos are flirty, most could be significantly improved.

Some of our more “fundamental” instincts, like being attracted to others, don’t discriminate between a photo and when you are present in person.

So, when you take the photo’s, imagine you are there with someone you like or are attracted to, and the viewers will respond as though you are there in person.

Remember that clients will have some expectation that you show up for the sessions looking a similar way. You may need a little makeup, dressing up, presenting your hair, so the camera presents you correctly as you are in person, that’s good to do. Looking a little better in your photo’s is expected but not too much.

If you find more research on this, let us know.