Private Snuggle Partners

This is our private list of Snuggle Partners, both female and male. These Snuggle Partners prefer to remain anonymous. They love to snuggle, spoon and caress — but they would rather not announce it to the entire world.

If you are interested in seeing our collection of Private Snuggle Partners — please use our Contact Form. On the bottom of the form, look for a checkbox at the bottom that says “Would you like access to our Private Snuggle Partner List?”. Check that box and we will email you a password for access to the Private Snuggle Partner page.

Our Private Snuggle Partners are smart, sophisticated, charming people with careers that could be negatively impacted by publicity. Most of them will be using an alias as a name. Some of them may be celebrities, so, please be careful to protect their anonymity and confidentiality — as they also, of course, promise to do for you!

It is unfortunate that new ideas ( such as Snuggle Salon ) are often the subject of criticism or derision. But, until we make exchange of non-sexual physical affection a norm in our culture, it is understandable that confidentiality will be a necessary component.