The Appointment Process – The Flexible System

First step: After a client books an appointment, you will immediately receive an email with the subject line ( for example ) “Snuggle Salon: New Appointment with [client-first-name] [client-last-name] on [appt_date]”. You may also receive a text with the contents of the appointment request email. You will only receive this text if your cell phone carrier offers email to SMS/MMS functionality. ( T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon DO offer this functionality ) Your client will receive a thank you email saying that you will be in touch with them shortly. It is extremely important, when you are using the Flexible Scheduling System, to get back to the potential client RIGHT AWAY.

Second step: After you receive this the email / text notification, you should ASAP, reach out to the client via email to confirm the location address for the appointment. IF, the client indicated in the email, that they would like you to give him or her a phone call — please call them ASAP using your Google Voice phone number ( or a phone number you are OK with giving out to the general public, like a business line ). Giving the client a phone call will help them feel comfortable that you are a REAL person and that Snuggle Salon isn’t some internet scam. You may want to give them a call even if they haven’t requested it — just to get the ball rolling and get know your future client. In addition to the phone call — you should also email the client to firm up the details of the appointment in writing. Please ALWAYS CC: me on your email communication with the client ( cc: ).

If the client has requested a date/time that you are unavailable, either via email or phone you will want to renegotiate the appointment date and time. If the appointment date and time gets rescheduled please cc: me on this email, so that I know when the appointment will happen.

During the phone call or in the email exchange, make sure you discuss the LOCATION FOR THE APPOINTMENT. The email will indicate where they would like to meet — either at their location or yours ( your house/office/The Snuggle Room in Santa Clara ). If they want to meet at your location — you should email the client the physical address so that they will have it. If they want to meet at their location — you should ask them for their address.

Payment: While the booking form, that the client fills out when they request the appointment, will take them to PayPal and offer them the opportunity to pay — most of the time prospective clients will not choose to pay at that point. So, it is your responsibility, in your initial contact email, to ask them if they have already paid. You should always include, in this email, our Pay For An Appointment link ( ). Finally, you should text me personally, on What’s App, to check to make sure the client has paid. As part of this business model, we are training our clients to pay upfront.

Please remember….the first appointment is 100% refundable for almost any reason. So, if this is a new client we want to pay extra special attention to them.

Third step:
On the morning of the appointment, or on the day before, you should give the client a call to confirm the appointment. This is just a good business practice, that will save you headaches, in case the client forgets the appointment. Please confirm the location address again with the client.

Fourth step:
Meet the client ON-TIME at the agreed location. If you are going to be late contact the client by phone ASAP. If you need to cancel for any reason, contact the client by phone and reschedule the appointment. After getting the date and time for the rescheduled appointment send a text to +1 (408) 372-8830 and provide the following information:

  • The client’s first and last name
  • Note that this is a reschedule
  • The date and time of the new appointment
  • The date and time of the old appointment

Appointment reminders the client will receive:

  • An initial confirmation email ( right away )
    • I am working on providing more appointment reminders with the Flexible Scheduling System — but for right now — the initial email is all the client will receive.
    • This means you will have to keep in close communication with the client.
    • You should definitely call or text them the DAY OF THE APPOINTMENT TO CONFIRM THE APPOINTMENT.

If ANYTHING goes wrong WITH THE APPOINTMENT PROCESS — please call or text us IMMEDIATELY AT +1 (408) 372-8830heart-icon