Female Snuggle Partners

Currently we have Snuggle Partners located in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Redding, San Diego and Santa Cruz.

All of our Snuggle Partners work here part-time. This means they are busy with other jobs and careers. Please try to give us at least 24 hours advance notice when booking a snuggle session. Generally, this will ensure availability. If you really need a same-day appointment click here.

South Bay Area

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Hi my name is Jaime and I am a natural born cuddler! A little about me….. I was born and raised in the Bay Area, so I’m a California girl. My earliest childhood memories revolved around the love of cuddling, being cuddled and giving cuddles.

The gift of touch has always nurtured my heart and my soul. Touch is LIFE! I find great joy and amazing experiences through all the gifts cuddling has to offer. This is very much a two way experience for the giver and for the receiver. I am very humbled by the many praises from friends, family and strangers about my gifts as a cuddler. I look forward to sharing them with you.

We all have a purpose in this lifetime, or a calling, and I feel that this one is mine. I’m available morning, noon and night (not too late) for an hour of cuddles, or two hours, or more. I’ll be here with warm open arms.

Cuddly yours,

P.S. I recently got braces — in order to treat a dental issue. They look like normal braces many of us had in high school. I think they look fine and I feel good about taking care of myself. I just wanted to be upfront about my current smile. Hope to snuggle with you soon!

Location: San Jose, CA

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I am a recent transplant from Virginia and spend most of my weekends teaching outdoorsy skills to people around the Bay Area. I grew up with an incredibly huggy, cuddly family and social circle and carried my love for human touch into adulthood. My happy place is in the middle of a big cuddle pile! I love to give and receive hugs, back rubs, and cuddles with people and critters of all kinds and I’m happy to be a calming, comfortable presence and a listening ear to people around me. I truly believe the world would be a better place if there were more hugs and cuddles in it.
Location: Santa Clara, CA

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I have been told that I easily and naturally connect with people. I innately care for living entities, and over the years have developed a keen sense of helping people, whether its through conversation, meditation, or touch. I believe in the power of touch. When coupled with empathy, touch can truly heal the soul. In my career history, I have been drawn to fields where I am offering personal advice, consulting, and self-growth. I currently work in real estate and am planning on attending law school. I love meeting new people. When can we meet?

Location: Santa Clara, CA

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Elise in Santa Clara

Touch in all forms is restorative to me, and I love to share that warmth and grounding with others. I’ve found comfort in physical connection through partner dance, especially in those moments where my partner and I truly unite in our movements and intention. The energy I give and receive through intimate platonic touch is something I deeply value. My perfect afternoon involves a pot of tea, a good book, and curling up next to someone I care about. Join me?

Location: Santa Clara, CA


I’m a Texas native who’s been living in the Bay Area for the last 5 years. I’ve been told I give the best hugs and I’ve always believed the power of physical touch is nourishing. When I’m not snuggling with the people I care about, I’m usually dancing (sundry styles, but mostly swing). I’d love to have a conversation with you about linguistics, neuro-science, or crazy cooking experiments. Let’s enjoy some cozy snuggles together.

Location: Santa Clara, CA


Hi there! Well, this whole thing is my crazy idea…..so, I’m kinda into snuggling. I love to cuddle, spoon and give neck and shoulder massages. I love to cuddle on deep layers of memory foam and just be loving, intimate and affectionate. This is what I have been teaching and facilitating since 2006. I’d be happy to connect with you and find out what kind of touch you would enjoy!

Location: Santa Clara, CA

San Francisco

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Hello lovers of cuddles and touch! My name is Miya, a 29 year old from San Francisco and Berkeley, CA. I love to give and receive the most luxurious and relaxing cuddles. I’m told that spending time with me is calming, and induces a feeling of safety and warmth. Whether or not you find that to be the case, I do like to make sure that all of my my cuddle recipients feel comfortable to ask for what they think they would like to receive. If you’re not sure, some of the things I enjoy providing include full body massage, light caresses, foot rubs, and scalp massage. If you’re interested, please drop me a line!

Location: Berkeley, CA and San Francisco, CA


I’m a former professional opera singer and now a Certified Inegtrative Nutrition Health Coach and Cannabis Educator with many years of experience navigating and guiding others on their paths to balanced well-being. I’m also a regular volunteer with the Zendo project, where I also get to exercise my emotional support tools in a loving setting in the realm of harm reduction. I have cultivated my listening skills and space-holding and am always seeking to learn even more about good communication and emotional support methods. I believe that everything we take in through any of our senses nourishes something within us and I help people to find and nourish what will bring peace and stability to their innermost being. When I’m not snuggling with the people I care about, I’m usually singing and/or playing music, traveling, dancing, painting, making jewelry, or connecting with my beloved friends and family. I’d love to have a conversation with you about linguistics and etymology, music, travel, or the ever present seed of wonder and beauty contained in every living soul on Earth. Let’s enjoy some cozy snuggles together.

See the space near Union Square that Jaia rents for her snuggle sessions …. or she can travel to you.

Location: San Francisco, CA

East Bay Area

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Haven Embrace

Dear Beautiful Souls,

I cannot think of anything more powerful, more euphoric, more healing than an embrace. There’s something so freeing about being held by someone in their arms, and holding someone in your arms. With every embrace the world melts away and all that’s left are two souls experiencing life in that moment, where nothing else matters. The experience leaves you with a sense of comfort and wholeness. It’s such a loving and inviting space. The warmth created by bodies united extends warmth to our hearts, producing a feeling more exhilarating than any drug. It’s much more, so much more.

The beauty of interpersonal touch helps support us and heal us emotionally, spiritually, and physically. It boosts our self-esteem; gives us a sense of belonging and well-being; it takes away our fears; it simulates oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin; it increases trust and builds relationships; it lowers our blood pressure and heart rate; it makes us feel good about ourselves and the world around us; and it helps us to relax, both physically and socially. There is so much healing power in a touch, it is just as mutually beneficial to the giver as it is to the receiver. It is good for the mind and body, the heart and the soul.

I welcome you all, with wide-open arms and a smile, to practice the art of cuddling with me. Let us journey the path of self-discovery and freedom, together. Thank you.

My “Hours of Snuggle Operation”:
Monday- Wednesday: 7-11:30PM
Thursday: 3:30PM- 11:30PM (Flexible)
Friday: 1PM- 11:30PM (Flexible)
Saturday and Sunday: 10AM- 11:30PM

Depending on the circumstance, the cuddle destination, and/or specific date, I may have more flexibility on Thursdays and Fridays, especially if 48-72 hour advance notice is given. I am willing to work with you. I cannot host. But, I can travel to you. And, I can offer some ideas on spaces to rent for a snuggle session with me.

Location: Vallejo, CA


Aloha, my name is Janeen. I was born and raised in Hawaii, so I’m a natural hugger. I have that easy going personality that makes people comfortable with me. I truly believe that a loving, warm embrace could heal someones soul. I can be there for you, if you just need a listening ear, or a snuggle. I will provide a safe and relaxing environment for you; come share a puliki, (Hug) with me.
Aloha Pumehana, (Warm love and affection.)


Location: Hayward, CA

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Hello my name is Amber! I’m a joyful ball of love and light that is just such the lil’ snuggler! I’m a Massage Therapist and Jikiden Reiki practitioner that has been in tune with my gifts for quite sometime now. I was born with a compassionate and warm quality of touch and energy. I have a laugh that vibrates pure joy and a heart that soothes the soul.

May I learn what makes you feel cared for and present, whether it be playing with your hair, being enveloped in your arms or mine, having my legs wrapped around you, talking, not talking, soft touches etc. Let’s communicate, play around, and just give one another joy!

Love and Light,

Location: Walnut Creek, CA


Hi! My name is Andrea, I am a certified massage therapist and energetic bodywork professional who has been working in the Bay Area for over three years in this field. Other work includes non-profit social work and commission-based art. I understand the value of connection and physical touch to help reduce stress and aid in countless mental and physical healing processes. It is a joy of mine to professionally assist others in this process and be a listening ear or a body to hold.

Location: Oakland, CA

Sacramento, CA


I am a former wellness coach and also have a big family and group of friends – I deeply understand the importance of non-sexual, nurturing, physical contact for people’s health and wellness! I feel honored to be able to help others with the act of a loving hug and an ear to listen. All of us need to feel soothed and supported by physical touch – it can powerfully turn someone’s day from grim to good. And, it is so great to have a service like the Snuggle Salon to help!
Location: Sacramento, CA


I am a kind, down-to-earth, lover of life. I believe you can’t have too many hugs or cuddles. If I can make someone’s day just a little bit brighter, then I can sleep a happy woman.
Location: Citrus Heights, CA

San Diego, CA

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Hey there! I’m loving my journey as a snuggle partner. Although I grew up in a more conservative environment, I always knew touch was important to me. I credit my mom for giving me lots of hugs and affection, which I think is why it’s easy for me to share it with others. I’m delighted at the opportunity to cuddle and connect, while practicing boundaries in a loving and respectful way. I hope we both can both walk away from a session feeling refreshed and perhaps a little more empowered.

As for my interests, I love music, art, singing, dancing, and being outdoors. Although I don’t have much experience with body work, I’ve been told I give great massages 😉 So bring your fuzzy socks and jammies and let’s get this snuggle session started!

Check out my new music video here!! https://youtu.be/obiAPEWAQns

Location: San Diego, CA

Redding, CA


I am a single 30 year old nurse currently living in Redding. I greatly believe in physical touch as a human need. I love giving and receiving cuddles and affection. I have a calm presence, I am crafty and creative. I feel it’s my goal in life to bring joy to others.




Location: Redding, CA

Austin, TX


Hi, my name is Cheryl and I hope to build healthy connections with people and be able to provide nurturing therapy through cuddling. I have recently lived in a community lifestyle and I found myself cuddling with some of my peers as it relieved any anxieties we had, because many of us had never experienced being away from home. Through cuddling, I have found that it has deepened the relationships between my peers and turned our relationships into strong-bonded friendships. I think the best part about cuddling with someone is that it can be calming and soothing, and it can also be a time to get closer to someone and ease someone’s anxiety away.
Location: Austin, TX