Female Snuggle Partners

Currently we have Snuggle Partners located in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Redding, and Santa Cruz.

All of our Snuggle Partners work here part-time. This means they are busy with other jobs and careers. Please try to give us at least 24 hours advance notice when booking a snuggle session. Generally, this will ensure availability. If you really need a same-day appointment click here.

South Bay Area

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Hi my name is Jaime and I am a natural born cuddler! A little about me….. I was born and raised in the Bay Area, so I’m a California girl. My earliest childhood memories revolved around the love of cuddling, being cuddled and giving cuddles.

The gift of touch has always nurtured my heart and my soul. Touch is LIFE! I find great joy and amazing experiences through all the gifts cuddling has to offer. This is very much a two way experience for the giver and for the receiver. I am very humbled by the many praises from friends, family and strangers about my gifts as a cuddler. I look forward to sharing them with you.

We all have a purpose in this lifetime, or a calling, and I feel that this one is mine. I’m available morning, noon and night (not too late) for an hour of cuddles, or two hours, or more. I’ll be here with warm open arms.

Cuddly yours,

Location: San Jose, CA

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I am a recent transplant from Virginia and spend most of my weekends teaching outdoorsy skills to people around the Bay Area. I grew up with an incredibly huggy, cuddly family and social circle and carried my love for human touch into adulthood. My happy place is in the middle of a big cuddle pile! I love to give and receive hugs, back rubs, and cuddles with people and critters of all kinds and I’m happy to be a calming, comfortable presence and a listening ear to people around me. I truly believe the world would be a better place if there were more hugs and cuddles in it.
Location: Santa Clara, CA

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Hey there! I’m really excited to start my journey as a snuggle partner. Although I grew up in a more conservative environment, I always knew touch was important to me. I credit my mom for giving me lots of hugs and affection, which I think is why it’s easy for me to share it with others. I’m delighted at the opportunity to cuddle and connect, while practicing boundaries in a loving and respectful way. I hope we both can both walk away from a session feeling refreshed and perhaps a little more empowered.

As for my interests, I love music, art, singing, dancing, and being outdoors. Although I don’t have much experience with body work, I’ve been told I give great massages 😉 So bring your fuzzy socks and jammies and let’s get this snuggle session started!

Location: Santa Clara, CA

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My #1 love language is physical touch, and matches my deeply rooted kinesthetic language and love for the body, as our vehicle to enjoy deep pleasure in this life. I come alive, dropping out of my head and into a deeper knowing, when I am able to give and receive meaningful touch. Touch is sacred and thus use it wisely. I believe sensual, caring, thoughtful touch is a human right and need that has the power to calm our over stimulated nervous systems ~ releasing tension, stress and locked emotions that keep us stuck in the old, breaking free so we may step into a deeper sense of Freedom.

Location: Menlo Park, CA


Hi 🙂 My name is Alexandra and I find immense comfort in comforting others. I’m a passionate believer in the healing power of touch and its ability to destress and aid us in feeling a naturally desired connection with others. That being said, I hope to experience this feeling with you! I’m an incredibly open person and would love to listen, chat, or communicate through silent affection. In my free time I love hiking, cooking, music, reading, coding, drawing, watching films and spending time with my pets and plants. Hope to see you soon!

Location: Milpitas, CA


I have been told that I easily and naturally connect with people. I innately care for living entities, and over the years have developed a keen sense of helping people, whether its through conversation, meditation, or touch. I believe in the power of touch. When coupled with empathy, touch can truly heal the soul. In my career history, I have been drawn to fields where I am offering personal advice, consulting, and self-growth. I currently work in real estate and am planning on attending law school. I love meeting new people. When can we meet?

Location: Santa Clara, CA


Hi there! Well, this whole thing is my crazy idea…..so, I’m kinda into snuggling. I love to cuddle, spoon and give neck and shoulder massages. I love to cuddle on deep layers of memory foam and just be loving, intimate and affectionate. This is what I have been teaching and facilitating since 2006. I’d be happy to connect with you and find out what kind of touch you would enjoy!

Location: Santa Clara, CA

San Francisco


My life’s meaningful work is centered around comforting others. Even when stress is high and problems can’t easily be solved, the simplest acts of loving kindness can both soothe and re-energize us. I want to create a safe space for you to let go of any doubts or fears. Let me make you a cup of tea and put my arms around you.

Location: San Francisco, CA

East Bay Area

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Hello lovers of cuddles and touch! My name is Miya, a 29 year old from Berkeley, CA. I love to give and receive the most luxurious and relaxing cuddles. I’m told that spending time with me is calming, and induces a feeling of safety and warmth. Whether or not you find that to be the case, I do like to make sure that all of my my cuddle recipients feel comfortable to ask for what they think they would like to receive. If you’re not sure, some of the things I enjoy providing include full body massage, light caresses, foot rubs, and scalp massage. If you’re interested, please drop me a line!

Location: Berkeley, CA


Aloha, my name is Janeen. I was born and raised in Hawaii, so I’m a natural hugger. I have that easy going personality that makes people comfortable with me. I truly believe that a loving, warm embrace could heal someones soul. I can be there for you, if you just need a listening ear, or a snuggle. I will provide a safe and relaxing environment for you; come share a puliki, (Hug) with me.
Aloha Pumehana, (Warm love and affection.)


Location: Hayward, CA


Hello my name is Amber! I’m a joyful ball of love and light that is just such the lil’ snuggler! I’m a Massage Therapist and Jikiden Reiki practitioner that has been in tune with my gifts for quite sometime now. I was born with a compassionate and warm quality of touch and energy. I have a laugh that vibrates pure joy and a heart that soothes the soul.

May I learn what makes you feel cared for and present, whether it be playing with your hair, being enveloped in your arms or mine, having my legs wrapped around you, talking, not talking, soft touches etc. Let’s communicate, play around, and just give one another joy!

Love and Light,

Location: Walnut Creek, CA

Sacramento, CA


I am a former wellness coach and also have a big family and group of friends – I deeply understand the importance of non-sexual, nurturing, physical contact for people’s health and wellness! I feel honored to be able to help others with the act of a loving hug and an ear to listen. All of us need to feel soothed and supported by physical touch – it can powerfully turn someone’s day from grim to good. And, it is so great to have a service like the Snuggle Salon to help!
Location: Sacramento, CA


I am a kind, down-to-earth, lover of life. I believe you can’t have too many hugs or cuddles. If I can make someone’s day just a little bit brighter, then I can sleep a happy woman.
Location: Citrus Heights, CA


Well, I grew up in a very rigid home, where no hugs were given. So, when I became older, I found that cuddles we’re warm and safe, and I wanted more hugs and cuddles. I am super laid back and easy to cuddle with. I hope to give more cuddles and be a good listener to those who need it in their lives. I was born in Sacramento, but grew up in Davis. I am so excited to be a part of the Snuggle Salon journey. Thanks!
Location: Davis, CA


I am a single 30 year old nurse currently living in Redding, but moving to Sacramento, CA soon. I greatly believe in physical touch as a human need. I love giving and receiving cuddles and affection. I have a calm presence, I am crafty and creative. I feel it’s my goal in life to bring joy to others.




Location: Sacramento, CA