• “At your location” house-call appointments and mileage fees
  • The fee for a house-call appointment is $110/hour to compensate your Snuggle Partner for travel time plus $0.75/round-trip mile. “At your location” house-call appointments are appointments where we travel to your house, apartment or hotel where there is a comfortable snuggle space with a large, couch, futon or bed. Please make sure your snuggle space is safe and clean.

    Mileage Fees

    The mileage fee for an “at your location” house-call appointment is 75¢ per mile. Your Snuggle Partner will communicate how much the mileage fee will be. These expenses should be paid directly to your Snuggle Partner ( via her payment processors ) prior to the start of the session. Thank you for your understanding and willingness to compensate your Snuggle Partner’s for her time and travel costs, while making your snuggle session more convenient for you!

    Required Session Length for “at your location” appointments

    Additionally, we require the session length for “at your location” sessions to be twice the length of the travel time required for your Snuggle Partner to travel to you. So, if it takes an hour of travel time, for your Snuggle Partner, then the session length should be at least 2 hours or longer.

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