• How much freedom will I have in choosing who I work with?
  • The answer here is multi-layered. Our intention is to hire people who can easily and confidently share themselves physically and emotionally with just about anyone — within the following framework:

    • non-sexually and without an intention for romance
    • without discrimination around things like looks, age, gender, weight, height, race, etc.
    • using the boundaries outlined in the Snuggle Partner Integrity Statement
    • while honoring a Snuggle Partner’s own personal physical and emotional boundaries

    After we have found that ideal candidate described above – we intend to give them the freedom to use their own discretion around with whom they take appointments.

    I never want the Snuggle Partners to snuggle with people who they are uncomfortable with – like someone who is intoxicated or who has not followed the rules about being hygienically savvy in the Client Integrity Agreement.

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