Prospective Client Screening — Advance-Booked Appointments

We do not have a pre-booking phone call with every single new client who books an advance notice appointment on your website profile. Our website offers the opportunity to for clients to book anytime without calling us first. However, the majority of clients do call or text before they book. In that phone call or lengthy text exchanges, we make it absolutely clear that nurture therapy is not code for sex work. We always say that our work is clothes-on and non-sexual. Further, if a prospective client gives us ANY reason to suspect that he or she is actually looking for sex — we make it utterly clear to them — that this work is not even remotely sexual. There have been many times that we have told a prospective client that seeing a sex worker would be more appropriate for them — and that our services would be inappropriate. We have no hesitation to redirect prospective clients elsewhere who we think are looking for services we do not offer.

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