• What happens during a snuggle session?
  • A snuggle session ( also known as nurture therapy ) consists of first making sure you and your client are on the same page about the rules outlined in the Client Integrity Agreement. After that, what happens is up to you and your client. You can offer the kind of touch and human affection that you would enjoy – this may include snuggling, spooning, cradling, nuzzling, etc. You can suggest different cuddle positions. You should be familiar with the cuddle poses in The Cuddle Sutra. You can offer to be your client’s “Snuggle Guide” and show him all your favorite snuggle poses. You can also ask for specific snuggle poses that you think you would enjoy.

    The following should be understood, but just to be clear, the services that we provide at Snuggle Salon are done under the following guidelines:

    1. A client may ask for any type of physical affection except sex, nudity or touching off limits parts of the body as outlined in the Client Integrity Agreement.
    2. After a client makes a request, you are free to say yes or no to the request.
    3. The services we provide at Snuggle Salon MUST be enjoyable to BOTH parties – both the client AND the Snuggle Partner.

    The reason for these guidelines is simple: This is how real life works. Snuggle Salon is designed as a laboratory where human beings can practice asking for what they want and saying yes to only things they would actually enjoy.

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