• What if a client asks for an appointment with me for a massage?
  • If you are a CMT massage therapist, who has a current massage practice prior to working for Snuggle Salon, and you want to offer a private massage appointment directly to a Snuggle Salon client, I would ask you not to compete with Snuggle Salon by keeping the massage an ACTUAL massage — not a snuggle mixed with some massage and calling that a “massage”.

    So, a strict massage is defined in this way:

    1. The client takes off their clothing.
    2. Your clothing stays on.
    3. The client is on a massage table.
    4. The client does not touch you with any part of their body.
    5. You touch the client with only your hands, forearms and elbows.

    Notice how different a massage is from snuggling? I think we can have a win-win here if we keep this strict distinction between what snuggling is versus what a massage is – unless Snuggle Salon starts offering actual massage. I will keep you apprised.

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