• What is your refund policy?
  • If you are unsatisfied after your first appointment, we MAY offer you a one-time refund of your DEPOSIT minus any payment processor non-refundable service fees. The fee paid to your Snuggle Partner is non-refundable.

    Please contact us at via our Contact Form to request a one-time refund if you are unsatisfied after your first session. In your email, we will require you to provide the specific reason(s) that you were unsatisfied with the session. If the reason you were unsatisfied was a factor under our control, and related to a resource we offer, we will likely offer a refund. However, we DO NOT offer refunds on Same-Day Session appointments booked via this page: https://snugglesalon.com/book-a-same-day-appointment/.

    And, after your first session, we do not offer refunds. Exception: After your first refund, if your Snuggle Partner recommends that a refund be offered, at our discretion, and in an extraordinary circumstance, we MAY provide a second refund.

    Also, see our policy regarding refunds on cancellations.

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