• Where do the snuggle sessions take place?
  • Your session can happen either at your location or ours. Generally, snuggle sessions happen at:

    • the office spaces listed on your Snuggle Partner’s profile, or
    • at an AirBNB rental ( in areas where our Snuggle Partner’s do not have an office )
      • the AirBNB rental costs are communicated at time of booking
    • at your home or hotel
      • We can also meet you at your place. The cost for an out-call session is $110/hour to compensate for drive time. If an “At your location” appointment, is beyond 10-15 minutes away from the Snuggle Partner’s location, there will be additional travel costs at 75¢ per mile. These costs can be paid via Pay Pal at time of booking or paid in cash prior to the start of the session.
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