• What happens during a snuggle session?
  • A snuggle session ( also known as a nurture therapy appointment ) consists of first making sure you and your Snuggle Partner are on the same page about the rules outlined in the Client Integrity Agreement. After that, what happens is really up to you and your Snuggle Partner. You can ask for the kind of non-sexual touch and physical affection that you would enjoy – this may include snuggling, spooning, cradling, nuzzling, etc. Your Snuggle Partner can suggest different cuddle positions. Snuggle Partners are professionals and are familiar with the cuddle poses in The Cuddle Sutra. You can ask them to be your “Snuggle Guide” and show your their favorite snuggle poses. You can also ask for specific snuggle poses that you think you would enjoy.

    The following should be understood, but just to be clear, the services that we provide at Snuggle Salon are done under the following guidelines:

    1. A client may ask for any type of physical affection except sex, nudity or touching off limits parts of the body as outlined in the Client Integrity Agreement.
    2. After the client makes a request, The Snuggle Partner is free to say yes or no to the request.
    3. The services we provide at Snuggle Salon MUST be enjoyable to BOTH parties – both the client AND the Snuggle Partner.

    The reason for these guidelines is simple: This is how real life works. Snuggle Salon is designed as a laboratory where human beings can practice asking for what they want and saying yes to only things they would actually enjoy.

  • What types of payment do you take?
  • – Paying the deposit

    First, when you book an appointment you will be asked to pay a deposit to hold the appointment time. To pay for the deposit you may use either:

    • a credit card /debit card or
    • a PayPal account or
    • other pre-paid debit card options ( see below )
    • PayPal Debit Card
      You can buy a temporary pre-paid PayPal Debit Card either on the Pay Pal website — OR — at various retail stores like Walgreens, CVS, SaveMart, Rite-Aid, Safeway, Office Depot. They are located along with other prepaid and gift cards. You would load money onto it at the time of purchase, but you must also go to the PayPal website to register the card within 120 days, or it will expire.

      You can use this link to find retailers near you: Nearby retailers who sell pre-paid Pay Pal Debit Cards. Just enter your zip code.

    • PayPal Cash Card
      Alternatively, you can purchase a PayPal Cash Card. This is pre-paid, reloadable debit card that you can reload with your Pay Pal account. You can get one here: https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/paypal-debit-card

      All appointments are booked online.

      Can You Get an Anonymous Prepaid Credit Card?

    Paying your Snuggle Partner

    Please see your Appointment Confirmation email for instructions on how to pay your Snuggle Partner. Most Snuggle Partners require payment in advance in order to confirm the appointment. Most Snuggle Partners use well-known payment processors such as: Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, Zelle, etc. A few Snuggle Partners prefer you bring cash to the appointment.

    Again, please see your Appointment Confirmation email. This is the first email that you will receive from us after you book the appointment. It is the ONLY email that will contain this information. The subject line of the Appointment Confirmation email will read, for example: “New Appointment: Snuggle Session – 2.0 hours ( with Melanie in Campbell ) on Friday, October 22, 2021 7:00pm PDT”

  • Can I ask my Snuggle Partner to wear certain clothes?
  • Please do not ask your Snuggle Partner to wear special clothes unless you have an allergy to wool or something like that. Your Snuggle Partner will wear the clothes she/he feels most comfortable in. Naturally, it is very important that your Snuggle Partner feel comfortable. If you Snuggle Partner is relaxed — the session will be more enjoyable for both of you.

  • “At your location” travel costs
  • The cost for an out-call session is $110/hour to compensate your Snuggle Partner for travel time.

    Mileage Costs

    The mileage fee for “at your location” appointments is 75¢ per mile. Your Snuggle Partner will communicate how much the mileage fee will be. These expenses should be paid directly to your Snuggle Partner ( via her payment processors ) prior to the start of the session. Thank you for your understanding and willingness to compensate your Snuggle Partner’s for her time and travel costs, while making your snuggle session more convenient for you!

    Required Session Length for “at your location” appointments

    Additionally, we require the session length for “at your location” sessions to be twice the length of the travel time required for your Snuggle Partner to travel to you. So, if it takes an hour of travel time, for your Snuggle Partner, then the session length should be at least 2 hours or longer.

  • How does this work?
  • Please see the How It Works page for a detailed description of how our service works — including how to schedule an appointment online, payment methods, and how your Snuggle Partner will be contacting you.

  • What should I wear?
  • Wear something that is soft and comfortable. Work-out clothes are a good choice. A t-shirt and sweatpants/ pajama pants also work well. A minimum of shorts and a t-shirt is required for you and your Snuggle Partner. Underwear or boxer shorts or very short shorts are NOT ALLOWED. You can change after you arrive, if necessary. Please change in the restroom and not in front of your Snuggle Partner. Please don’t wear perfume or cologne.