Male Snuggle Partners – OLD

Please try to give us at least 24 hours advance notice when booking a snuggle session. Generally, this will ensure availability. If you really need a Same-Day Appointment click here.

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Friends say I have an amazing grounding energy and empathy. I create a warm and nurturing space enabling people to feel cared for. I was a local firefighter for 22 years. In that role, I loved being of service and it fulfilled a desire to help others feel safe. I think this is the reason I want to do this work … I want to create a safe space for my clients to practice asking for and receiving nurturing affection.
Location: Campbell, CA





I enjoy the intimate connection created with touch. I love meeting new people. I have been participating in Cuddle Party since 2007. I have enjoyed the variety of people I’ve met through cuddling.


Location: Hayward, CA ( will travel around the Bay Area )




Hi there! I am a 10-year Air Force veteran, currently working in local government. Have always been told I am a great listener, and a great cuddler. A bit geeky, a bit funny. Love to cook/bake, play tabletop games, and criticize bad B-movies. I am equally comfortable cuddling with guys and gals.


Location: Sacramento, CA