Snuggle Partners — international

Currently we have Snuggle Partners located in New Zealand.
And, more Snuggle Partners are coming sooooooooon….

New Zealand


Emma lives at home with her partner and her two children to whom she has dedicated the last 13 years to raising and educating. Emma has traveled rather a lot and has spent time living on 4 different continents soaking up the diverse environments and studying with inspirational teachers. Emma has supported women during childbirth as a Doula, Supported men and women through mediation, intimacy coaching and authentic communication. Emma has a deep love for humanity, with the capacity to hold a space of integrity, trust and empowerment. Emma is a warm, open and deeply honest individual.

Location: Belmont, Lower Hutt, New Zealand


Across ocean, mountain, forest and sky my journey has taken me, touching North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. I return to my place of birth to contribute to my community and shed light into peoples lives. The past four years have taught me comfort, warmth, truth and balance and I wish to share my heart and energy with you. I enjoy intellectual conversation on nature, culture, science and life as well as holding another in relaxing silence and breath. My passions include acceptance of others, wholesome food and sharing moments. My core is gentle and my soul is as fluffy as my hairstyle.

Location: Wellington, New Zealand