Tell me about the Snuggle Partners?

Oh! My!! There is lots to say on this subject. Snuggle Partners are a different breed. By nature, they are open, warm and affectionate — of course they love to cuddle. They are social, friendly and generally, outgoing. Snuggling and being physically affectionate is part of who they are.

They are also enterprising. Their work for Snuggle Salon IS NOT a full-time job for most of them. They are actors, singers and dancers. They are massage therapists and mid-wives. They are natural healers and most importantly they are naturally compassionate, caring, generous human beings.

Snuggle Partner’s also have another super-power — they are courageous enough to tell the truth. This means they are able to easily and gently set boundaries — not only with clients — but within all their relationships. This means you can trust them to be authentically themselves with you. It also means you can trust them to tell you the truth, ask for what they want and hear no gracefully. If you meet them, they can teach you important life skills. Skills you may not be have been fortunate enough to have modeled for you as you grew up. Snuggle Partners are a gift to the world.

Snuggle Partners are interesting

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