• What if I want to book a Snuggle Salon client directly ( outside of Snuggle Salon )?
  • If you work as a nurture therapist outside of your work as a Snuggle Partner ( for example through Cuddle Comfort or Cuddlist, etc. ) and schedule an appointment with a Snuggle Salon client who first booked you through the Snuggle Salon website, thereby bypassing booking with the client via the Snuggle Salon website, this would be a breach of your Snuggle Partner Integrity Agreement and grounds for immediate dismissal as a Snuggle Partner.

    Also, please see Section 9. MAINTENANCE OF PROFESSIONAL THERAPEUTIC BOUNDARIES of the Snuggle Partner Integrity Agreement. This section outlines the professional boundaries we observe as nurture therapists: “In service of our role as professional nurture therapists, we have a duty to maintain the strict boundaries observed by other types of therapists including psychiatrists and psychotherapists. This professional distance includes not engaging in other types of relationships with our clients. Other types of relationships would include: friendships, romantic attachments or any other type of business relationship. We would not want to “blur the lines” between nurture therapist and any other type of relationship with our clients. Therefore you agree that you will not engage in any other type of relationship with a client other than your role as their nurture therapist.”

  • What happens during a snuggle session?
  • A snuggle session ( also known as nurture therapy ) consists of first making sure you and your client are on the same page about the rules outlined in the Client Integrity Agreement. After that, what happens is up to you and your client. You can offer the kind of touch and human affection that you would enjoy – this may include snuggling, spooning, cradling, nuzzling, etc. You can suggest different cuddle positions. You should be familiar with the cuddle poses in The Cuddle Sutra. You can offer to be your client’s “Snuggle Guide” and show him all your favorite snuggle poses. You can also ask for specific snuggle poses that you think you would enjoy.

    The following should be understood, but just to be clear, the services that we provide at Snuggle Salon are done under the following guidelines:

    1. A client may ask for any type of physical affection except sex, nudity or touching off limits parts of the body as outlined in the Client Integrity Agreement.
    2. After a client makes a request, you are free to say yes or no to the request.
    3. The services we provide at Snuggle Salon MUST be enjoyable to BOTH parties – both the client AND the Snuggle Partner.

    The reason for these guidelines is simple: This is how real life works. Snuggle Salon is designed as a laboratory where human beings can practice asking for what they want and saying yes to only things they would actually enjoy.

  • “At client’s location” travel costs
  • Mileage Costs

    Travel costs are charged at 75¢ per mile round-trip. You will let the client know via email, prior to the session, if additional travel costs will be involved and how much costs these will be. Using Google Maps, you should calculate the exact distance in miles from your location/home to the client’s location. Then, in the email, calculate the details of these the travel costs. Multiply ROUNDTRIP MILES x .75 = $X.00. This amount SHOULD be paid on the Travel Expenses page prior to the start of the session. Please help your client understand these travel expenses and how to use the Travel Expenses page to pay for these costs. If they are not paid using Pay Pal you will have to collect these costs from the client, in cash, prior to start of the session.

    Session Length for “at client’s location” appointments

    Additionally, we require the session length for “at client’s location” sessions to be twice the length of the travel time required. So, if it takes an hour of travel time, then the session length should be at least 2 hours or longer. Please communicate this requirement when your client contact’s you for a booking request. If your client has already booked a session with you, using the Rigid Scheduling System, and the session booked does not meet this requirement — you can ask the client to pay for extra appointment time using the Travel Expenses page link. This link can be used to BOTH pay for mileage and additional hours required by the session length to be twice the travel time for an “at client’s location” appointment.

  • How much freedom will I have in choosing who I work with?
  • The answer here is multi-layered. Our intention is to hire people who can easily and confidently share themselves physically and emotionally with just about anyone — within the following framework:

    • non-sexually and without an intention for romance
    • without discrimination around things like looks, age, gender, weight, height, race, etc.
    • using the boundaries outlined in the Snuggle Partner Integrity Statement
    • while honoring a Snuggle Partner’s own personal physical and emotional boundaries

    After we have found that ideal candidate described above – we intend to give them the freedom to use their own discretion around with whom they take appointments.

    I never want the Snuggle Partners to snuggle with people who they are uncomfortable with – like someone who is intoxicated or who has not followed the rules about being hygienically savvy in the Client Integrity Agreement.

  • What if a client asks for an appointment with me for a massage?
  • If you are a CMT massage therapist, who has a current massage practice prior to working for Snuggle Salon, and you want to offer a private massage appointment directly to a Snuggle Salon client, I would ask you not to compete with Snuggle Salon by keeping the massage an ACTUAL massage — not a snuggle mixed with some massage and calling that a “massage”.

    So, a strict massage is defined in this way:

    1. The client takes off their clothing.
    2. Your clothing stays on.
    3. The client is on a massage table.
    4. The client does not touch you with any part of their body.
    5. You touch the client with only your hands, forearms and elbows.

    Notice how different a massage is from snuggling? I think we can have a win-win here if we keep this strict distinction between what snuggling is versus what a massage is – unless Snuggle Salon starts offering actual massage. I will keep you apprised.

  • What if I want to have sex with a client?
  • First, it would be a breach of your Snuggle Partner Integrity Agreement to tell your client that you want to have sex with them. So, please never say that during a session. And, naturally, actually having sex with a client would not only be breaching your Snuggle Partner Integrity Agreement, it would also be illegal. So, of course, don’t do that.

    Outside of a session, if you admit to a client that you want to be sexual with them and/or date them — then you should stop taking appointments with them and stop exchanging money with them for your time and physical affection.


  • What if a client asks me to have sex?
  • You should ask them if they realize that asking for sex is dishonoring their Client Integrity Agreement. If they ask a second time, you should probably end the session telling them the reason, which is that they did not honor the terms of the Client Integrity Agreement.

  • What if I get attracted to a client romantically and want to date them?
  • If you are attracted romantically to a Snuggle Salon client and you tell them that you feel that way — then you should stop taking appointments with them thru the website.

    The agreement between Snuggle Salon and you is that you will no longer set appointments to snuggle them via Snuggle Salon – and that you will stop seeing them as a client and stop taking money from them for snuggling. They will no longer be a client of yours — they will be a friend or a boy/girlfriend.

    Make sense?